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Tools play a very important role in helping to make a prosperous town. Tools; that is of the kind used by all citizens (Iron Tools, Steel Tools etc), are necessary for economical and practical needs. Used for undertaking the most essential of tasks: wood chopping, clearing, sowing and harvesting of fields, mining, blacksmithing, they all require the use of tools.

A task, or building is given a work time number, this is the unit of time spent to undertake the task and complete the cycle/production. But along with this is a work required number, this number represents the actual physical amount of work required for each cycle. And it is this number that directly influences, and is influenced by Tools.

In the list of tools you will see a value for Tool Quality, this number represents the quality and durability of the tool. It is the number of work units it is capable of achieving before 'breaking'.

Not only is a citizen who is without a tool likely to be very slow in the production of goods, they will also be hampered in the collecting & harvesting of foods, felling trees and chopping firewood. The construction of buildings is also seriously hampered if a builder does not have a tool.

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