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Resource Flags

The Banished resource flags control the production, storage and use of resources. They are also known as ‘limits’. In the standard game there are 11; Log, Stone, Iron, Fuel, Coal, Food, Clothing, Tools, Herbs, Alcohol and Textiles. Modding tools have given us the ability to add another 10 resource flags. Within the game code these are read as Custom0, Custom1, etc.

I have altered some of the standard resource flags, and if you are playing with other mods, it may be important to note the particular differences in these flags as it will affect your game-play.

Some of the resource flags have multiple ‘Storage Flag names’, these further influence the use and storage of resources. Food uses a flag of Edible for the citizens to consume and count towards their hunger satisfaction, but a purely Edible flagged food (Water) will not give the citizen any nutritional value and will negatively affect their health. For other foods, the flags of Fruit, Grain, Protein or Vegetable is added along with Edible (e.g. Edible | Vegetable), these can also be multiplied and can add to more than one nutritional value (e.g. Edible | Vegetable | Fruit). If a food is given simply a nutritional flag (Fruit, Grain, Protein or Vegetable) and no edible flag, the food is classed as inedible to the citizens. It will be stored along with other edible foods if the building allows storage by nutritional flags.

Household fuels also has two ‘Storage Flag names’, these are used in instances where some housing will only accept Firewood and will only allow the storage of WoodFuel within them. The flag of Fuel is also tagged onto Charcoal (Custom3 | Fuel), though a fuel used in metallurgical production it can also be burned in housing that allow the Fuel flag.

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