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A Blacksmith




List of Forges, Furnaces & Workshops

The table below indicates which buildings can produce what resource. Hover over an icon to see an information tooltip label. The table can be sorted by clicking on the relevant column heading, hold Shift to sort by multiple columns.

Building name:available in (mod name)
Anvil WorkshopDS Industry Mining
BlacksmithDS Industry Mining
Bloomery SmelterDS Industry Mining
Crest Family BlacksmithDS Crest Blacksmith
Jetty Construction: ForgeDS Jetty & Bridge
Jetty WorkshopDS Jetty & Bridge
Neubert Smith ShopDS Neubert Smith Shop
Smith's HearthDS Industry Mining
Stone Bridge WorkshopDS Stone Bridge
Thadd Surrel & family: BlacksmithDS Industry Mining
Thadd Surrel & family: Blast FurnaceDS Industry Mining
Village BlacksmithDSSV: Production
Water-powered Blast FurnaceDS Industry Mining




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