version 3.0.2

bug fixes and minor update


.zip = 49.3mb (50,582kb)

.pkm = 90.6mb (92,791kb)

- fixed incorrect storage of the Type B (Bryggen) Town Market, should now only stock Food, Health, Tools, Clothing and Fuel.
- fixed incorrect string texts on Type C house occupancy.
- fixed incorrect ground decal on Type C 2x4 rear storage garden.
- updated resource values: Copper, Iron, Iron Fittings.
- added for Type C: ghosted decorative rear door.
- added for Type C: small 2 occupant rear lean-to home.
- added for Type C: F-key variants to rear storage gardens with higher fences.

version 3.0.1

bug fixes


.zip = 48.8mb (49,997kb)

.pkm = 89.5mb (91,738kb)

- added missing demolish button to the 1x4 Brick Town House food storage.
- increased the rows in residence tabs that was causing crash.

version 3.0

new content


.zip = 48.8mb (49,995kb)

.pkm = 89.5mb (91,732kb)

- added Brick Town House set.
- added new resources: Timber, Iron Fittings, Copper, Lime, Bricks, Glass, Linen.
- altered construction cost of all previous buildings.
- added storage ability to Bryggen Herbalist.
- changes to all Bryggen production building UI's.
- added fuel and temp ratings to all homes.
- changes to all building fire variables.
- added Linen as a product option for making Warm Coats at Bryggen Tailor.
- altered some earlier Menu icons.

version 2.1

minor update


.pkm = 42.6mb (43,697kb)

- update to DS toolbar menu.

version 2.0

new content


.pkm = 42.6mb (43,665kb)

- added Bryggen Town House set.
- added new resources: Bannock, Bread, Flour, Honey, Meat Pie, Cake, Water.

version 1.0

initial release


.pkm = 5.95mb (6,099kb)

- adds Comfortable Stone Town Houses.

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