.zip = 12.3mb (12,658kb)

.pkm = 19.7mb (20,238kb)

- renamed mod to DSTimberMill.pkm and re-wrote some mod file structures, this is not save-compatible with previous version.
- increased the work time of the standard banished CutterYard, and altered production in-line with DS Industry Mining.
- altered Firewood create count to 6, value is 2, in-line with DS Industry Mining.
- altered Timber values, in-line with DS Industry Mining (create 4-5, value 3-5).
- increased the work time, reduced work required of the Timber Mill.
- increased the spawn chance of the Birch & Pine forester trees.
- reduced the total number of woodcutters to 2 at the Timber Mill.
- altered the Timber Mill input production - Timber requires 1 Log, Firewood requires 1 Log or 2 Timber.
- various UI, text and tool-tip changes.
- added Timber Saw-Mill, an upgrade build option to the Timber Mill for a faster production, 3 woodcutters.
- added resource: Iron Fittings, required as a construction cost when upgrading to the Timber Saw-Mill.





.zip = 8.98mb (9,202kb)

.pkm = 13.3mb (13,621kb)

- changed RawMaterialLumber.rsc storage flag back to custom5 limit (building materials)
- changed storage of 1x1 lumber pile to match resource change.
- updated UI texts.
- updated resource files
- changed firewood production quantity to 6-8, Timber 2-3
- changes to vanilla woodcutter production.


major update


.zip = 8.98mb (9,198kb)

.pkm = 13.3mb (13,628kb)

- change of mod name to Timber Mill, .pkm file remains DSLumberMill.pkm
- change of resource string name for RawMaterialLumber.rsc to Timber
- change of building names & texts from lumber to timber
- changed deco versions of log piles to ghosted pieces
- changed RawMaterialLumber.rsc storage flag to wood limit
- changes to toolbar icons & texts
- changed wharf pieces - textures split into separate toolbar buttons
- changes to all file structures, names, removal of unneeded code
- changes to timber mill: work points, building speeds, construction & production
- added Pine & Birch forester buildings
- added storage versions of log piles




.zip = 7.64mb (7,826kb)

.pkm = 11.2mb (11,548kb)

- added 2nd texture variant for lumber mill and wharf pieces.
- updated lumber template file and production cost.
- updated new lumber mesh files.
- texture file and material changes.
- DS toolbar file update.


initial release


.zip = 6.15mb (6,307kb)

.pkm = 8.95mb (9,166kb)

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