improvement update


.zip = 39.6mb (40,614kb)

.pkm = 66.6mb (68,209kb)

- added 2nd texture jetty variant to the Village Fishing Dock.
- fixed incorrect resource limit assigned and wrong resource spinner in the Acorn Gatherer.
- added option to make Tools:Hunter and Tools:Fisherman from Copper at blacksmiths.
- altered production costs to match DS Industry Mining BETAv.03.
- altered resource files to match DS Industry Mining BETAv.03.


major update


.zip = 37.6mb (35,598kb)

.pkm = 63.3mb (64,882kb)

- restructure & partial re-write of mod, not save-game compatible with earlier versions.
- adjusted toolbar locations and icons.
- improvements to building UI panels.
- various resource model improvements & updates.
- texture improvements.
- removed cotton and cloth from the mod.
- added missing footprints.
- changes to most production recipes and work required and times variables.
- Acorns are now flagged as 'Aged/Stored/Warehoused goods' (custom9).
- added Copper (trade) and Copper Tools.
- added Tools:Stonemason, Wagon Parts.
- added new radius decals.
- added Village Pasture, log fenced.
- made alterations to the following standard (vanilla) game template files in line with DS Industry Mining:
   Quarry, consumeproduce and storage updated to reflect usage of new stonemason tools,
   CutterYard, worker count increased to 2 workers but a slower speed penalty.
   Tunnel, changed in build cost with the addition of 1 Candle per tile.
   Tailor, consumeproduce increasing wool coat production cost.
   Deer, Cows and Sheep now drop Tallow.


important update


- fixed issue causing a crash with vanilla Trading Post.
- fixed issue of the Village Windmill not accepting Hemp.
- added Remove buttons to the single gathering, fishing and hunting spots.
- updates to DStoolbar.


first v1.0 release


- profession file name changes.
- edited Water Pump model and the water material.
- added 2 styles of decorative flags to the game.


beta update


- adjusts rawmaterial file names of Candles (now RawMaterialCandle), Hemp (now RawMaterialHempLeaf) and Bannocks (now RawMaterialBreadHardtack) to be compatible with CC resources.
- adds the generic Molluscs (RawMaterialMollusc), a trade item from DS Jetty & Bridge.
- removes all of the rawmaterial 'fishmonger' fish & unique molluscs.
- Hemp plant model poly reduction.
- adjustments to production numbers of village kitchen, gruel kitchen & bakery recipes / tailor & weaver recipes.
- increased production rate of Comb Honey.
- lowered cost of producing Candles & Ear Candles.
- single worker buildings (gatherers, hunter, fisher) now cost 1 work to build.
- tight orchard now has even higher increased chance of disease and spread.
- large orchard has increased better growth when tended.
- slowed production of firewood yards.
- added water to the water pump model (thanks to Gatherer for how to do this).
- fixed issues with this mod causing some professions to double in UI.
- altered types of professions working in buildings.


beta update


- adds 2 new buildings: Village Forester, Village Bakery
- adds 4 new resources: RawMaterialBannock, RawMaterialBread, RawMaterialNMCake, RawMaterialMeatPie
- changes to the tailor and weaving guild production
- AO fixes, texture fixes, UI fixes, occasional crash with village kitchen fixed


initial beta release


- first release of modular form of DSSV production buildings.

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