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beta v.02 of DS Industry Mining

A week later and back with an update. I set myself a deadline and stuck to it. It was not easy, and only by chance have I been able to keep to it.

The new update isn’t big on new additions, just one new building; the Worker’s Construction Yard. The building hires 1-2 Workers who will randomly produce a variety of ‘advanced construction resources (Timber, Iron Fittings, Bricks, Roof-tiles, Lime and Glass).

I added spawned deposits of Clay and Sand to the map. Was very much a test, but have decided to keep it in for now.

A lot of alterations, fixes and changes. Added missing diseases and health/happiness changes, water furnace build models.

Balancing is still ongoing, and as such I decided not to update the values in the Info panels this update. With changes still likely to occur I didn’t want to be bogged down by that time-consuming task at this stage.

view the Change Log:

BETAv.02 – beta update: fixes and minor update — 20190712
– enabled the new illnesses and diseases, made changes to the existing, this was incorrectly disabled in previous version.
– lessened the unhealthy and happiness levels, this should slightly improve the work efficiency with poor food diversity.
– meanwhile I have increased the max. required food diversity.
– slight improvements (closer to standard) to the random disease chance within citizen file.
– lessened the depressed level in relation to the unhappy and happy level, was 15% of happy level, now: d=10%,u=20%, h=100%
– increased the medicine (herb) effectiveness.
– increased the trade value of Iron Fittings to 3, increased the create count per cycle to 5/8.
– increased the create count per cycle for Copper Ore, Iron Ore, and Tin Ore to 5/8.
– increased the create count per cycle for Silver Ore to 3/5.
– increased the create count per cycle for Coal to 5/6.
– and reduced the weights of Copper Ore, Iron Ore and Tin Ore to 12 (from 25/30/25).
– shortened the work time and work required by all of the mines – they are much faster now.
– fixed inconsistent and too low total production output and speed of the 6×6 Clay and Sand Quarries.
– increased the create count per cycle of Linseed to 13.
– increased the create count per cycle of Tallow to 2/3.
– increased the work time required by the Press Shed and Oil Kiln.
– increased work time and reduced work required by the Glass Maker.
– improved the Smith’s Hearth particle flame.
– added missing menu icon sprite for the Assayers Office.
– added build models for the Water-powered Blast Furnace.
– fixed issue of some items not being stored in Industrial Market.
– made further alterations to the following standard (vanilla) game template files for the buildings:
TradingPost, Market, Quarry, Herbalist, DoctorHouse, CutterYard, Chapel, Well, Tunnel, Tavern, IronMine
most buildings received updates to radius and ui changes to display radius,
— Quarry had consumeproduce and storage updated to reflect usage of new stonemason tools,
— CutterYard had worker count increased to 2 workers but a slower speed penalty.
— Herbalist changes included increased worker count to 3 and the ability to now store Herbs.
— Tunnel received a change in build cost with the addition of 1 Candle per tile.
— IronMine now again makes Iron, but will have a cost of Logs, Candles and Charcoal to mine/smelter, with increased worktime penalty.
— IronMine cost of Coal extraction is Logs and Candles.
– reduced the spawn chance (amount) of Copper Ore and Stone on a map.
– added Clay and Sand deposits to the map.
– added collect Clay and Sand buttons to the menu.
– increased the create count per cycle of Sand to 8 for both uneducated and educated.
– increased the create count per cycle of Clay to 5 for both uneducated and educated.
– moved the Charcoal-piles menu out of ‘Mineral, Ore & Raw material processing’ menu and into the ‘Firewood & Charcoal production’ menu.
– fixed incorrectly flagged resources in the Open-Top Up-Draft kiln.
– added new building: Worker’s Construction Yard.

BETAv.01 – initial beta release — 20190705



download from or the forums: Nexus Mods World of Banished

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