DS Industry Mining in The North – update 3

Believe it or not, this is actually going to be a silver mine, there is still more to add to the model (an external pulley system and decorations).

I'm just playing around with adding wind effects in blender to create a better flag. (I wish we could have them really moving like this in the game)

It is funny though, I've spent more time just adding the cloth, wind and making the flag than I did to make the building and textures below it:


Though profitable, silver mining will be an expensive and hard to obtain option in early towns.
Though the mine could be built early on in game, the upkeep and running of the mine would be difficult without an already smooth running town,
one that is able to supply a steady stream of produced goods to the mine... as well as what is needed to operate the furnaces, kilns, ovens, blacksmiths, etc.

As you can see though, the mine is not of the style like the 'thudd surrel family' buildings. That is because though easier to operate with a large industrial town, it will be possible to build and operate the silver mine at a smaller level, output will be slow, work will be tedious, your miners will go through tools, and profit will likely be negligible until you can upgrade and afford the upkeep for a faster more profitable mine.

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