DS Industry Mining in The North – update 2

To further update, this mod is firstly only going to be released for the North in the way I have envisioned it. Eventually I will add these buildings to the other Blast Furnace mod, but it will not be what this mod is. The thing with the North is it has made changes to most of the vanilla production numbers which means it is worthwhile to add most of what this mod does. Mines can either be built with Oil Lamps, and will cost Lumber + Oil/Tallow to operate, or they will be built with Iron Fittings and cost Lumber + Candles to operate. Vanilla/CC Banished would not make this method useful and would be incredibly expensive. The addition of Lime (material), it is an optional additive to iron making, as well as construction (mortar/render), though it would work in vanilla, its meaning would get lost I think. So far I have put together a pretty long (10+ pages) booklet that will be released with the mod to explain all the changes and what it adds. Put shortly, it has been a headache so far to try and get this all to work cohesively with The North, it will require a lot more work to then get it working for vanilla - lol, not something I want to think about yet. I leave you with my introduction and history of the mod and where it is going for release:  

The idea started with being able to have a large, iron mining industry in The North, one that could be utilised for tool making as well as offering a stable trade economy during the winters.
It was conceived first, as nothing but the blast furnace and a coke oven to fuel it. But soon the original idea expanded, as early industry mines were added, along with railway carts and decorations.

At that moment, I realised the mod was already getting bigger than it could be, or bigger than I could manage. But, at what moment does the industry stop, and when is it too big? More on that later.

Just prior to original release, I added a few more buildings that would give the industry an image; Thudd Surrel and family. A large industry had flourished in the family, they had their own industry based market, storage, variant of the blast furnace, and a large iron ore & coal mine. The family buildings are bright and bold with their own similar styles.
The mod was released in two versions: one focused towards playing with The North, and the other playing vanilla banished or with most other mods.
At heart though, the mod is tilted in the direction of the North.

Updates were made to the mod, which eventually added the Thudd Surrel & family Merchant to the vanilla based mod. With its own trading boats it can handle the purchase of most goods for the town, finding steady outside trade customers to purchase the industry produced iron and coke. For its full potential though, it needed to get to the North.

This brings us to this new version, and in answer to: when is it too big? the answer is, not yet.

Industry has risen sharply. This mod adds a lot of new buildings, resources and small industries that are required to make the larger, now expanded iron and metallurgical industry operate. Most of what is in this version, is in it because with the North it seemed logical, and also doable; with production and cost numbers. A lot of credit has got to go to Tom Sawyer, who has made a mod that balances and polishes the original game in a way I wish it were originally. This has made making this mod extremely rewarding, but also quite frustrating.

Lime (material) has been added, it is used in many production and construction tasks. Rather than introduce a newly mined lime-stone, normal stone is instead crushed and heated, producing lime. Another oven has been added to the modular set, as well as a single lime kiln option is available. Lumber, Iron Fittings, Candles, Oil Lamps, Seed/Linseed/Fish Oils, Tallow, Beeswax, the mod adds a range of side industry buildings to produce most of the goods needed to operate. Others are available in The North or extras available from the recommended mods.

Thudd Surrel & family now have a Pottery kiln to make: bricks, roof tiles, pottery & oil lamps. A large industry lumber-mill to process logs into lumber. A Blacksmith supplies tools, iron fittings and wagon parts. The Press Shed can slowly make oils and render meats for tallow. A Candle-maker will make candles from tallow or beeswax.

Also the the introduction of the mining and smelting of silver and gold ores, and a finery to produce ingots for trade, and much more.

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