new DS Small Village pre v2 beta 11

a new download link is available in the Downloads page for the latest public beta of DSSV v2.

DS Small Village pre v2 beta 11

New crops: Hemp, Lentils

New buildings:

Houses: small 2×4 tents (leather/wood/canvas), warmer leather tent, small townhouse

Village Inn (boarding house)

Village Hall (town hall)


Weaver’s Guild

Flag Maker

Forest Food Gathering hut

Pasture, fenceless, new footprint, min4x4 max55-55

Crop Field, new texture

… plus many more



This is still a work in progress. There are many known issues and missing elements. These will be ironed out prior to v2 proper release.


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  1. Discrepancy says:

    also upcoming in the next beta will be the Village Kitchen:

    Village Kitchen DSSV v2

  2. Discrepancy says:

    I will offer some angle variants of my houses in DSSV, it is easy enough to make the variants with these houses, not so sure with the townhouses though.

    so some issues with the beta version(11)…
    – not everything is functional also not all models are in finished state.
    – the crop field is not displaying snow in winter.
    – narrow warehouses aren’t storing goods properly.
    – there should not be a build (work) cost for the ‘Gather with Basket’ and ‘Waterside Fishing’. Also missing the ‘depletion/ongoing cost’.
    – Workshop’s are too fast at production.
    – Smoke points wrong on ‘mirrored’ versions of village homes.

    – – – – – – –

    other News:

    The HerbalistDescription herbalist production function to collect wild spawning things (naturalResources) doesn’t seem to allow a production cost.

    Well it seems I cannot get the function to work with the gather with basket.
    Nor could I utilize the ConsumeRawMaterial _consumeMaterials code for a constant cost of gathering baskets. So all I have is the build cost 🙁

    back to square 1.

    the modkit does not allow much.

    we all knew this, didn’t we?

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