Styth Tower

Styth Tower, a village Watchtower that generates a small random number of items for the town
(Alcohol,Tools,Clothing,Food,Etc) by ridding the area of bandits.
Employs 1-2 Village Guards (NEW Profession added).
You can only build 1 Styth Tower on a map.

The mod also changes the ‘Dialog/Production.rsc:production4’ file, meaning all buildings that have 4 lines in the ‘Check Production’ / ‘This Year – Last Year’ UI box, will now have 12 lines.

Download from the ‘Downloads’ menu.

this is an early release add-on to a yet to be finished long way off mod that I have been working on slowly since I started modding banished.
like reading that last sentence, the same has been my plunge into modding banished. a confusion of inexperience, inability and an ever expanding list of ideas. I should have been working on the DS Small Village v2 update, but needed a break, so I dusted off this model that I’ve been holding onto for a while. a seasonal gift to you all.

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