DS Small Village – beta testing

I was hoping to have a completed DSSV v2 for release this year, but I know that that isn’t going to happen.

So, I have put together a pre v2 beta release.

DS Small Village pre-v2beta9:
Additions & Changes:
        DSSV Start Conditions: Easy/Easy-Farmers/Easy-Crops/Easy-Orchards/Easy-Herdsman/Medium/Harder/Stranded/JackAndJill
        DSSV Terrains: Plains/Mountain Lakes
        DSSV Climates: Cool Temperate/Extreme
        Village School - 1 teacher, 20 students.
        Village Tailor - 1-2 tailors.
        Small Village Cemetery, alternate fence, min 5x5 - max 15x15.
        Added 8 new Tombstone styles for the Village Cemeteries.
        Crops: Imperator Carrots, Brussels Sprouts (same resource as Carrots v2 & Brussels Sprouts v2)
        Narrow & General Warehouse storage variants - options to individually store all the separate storage flags.
        Angle variant of the 'medieval' Village Well.
        Added 2 Bee Shelter location variants.
        New modular Village Stone Bridge - 2x6 entry/exit Ramp, 2x3 piece with upright, 2x2 extension, 2x2 ext fishing spot.
        Second texture variant for all jetty components.
        Added selected new Higher Level jetty pieces. These are approx. 1.2m above ground.
        Jetty Fishmonger - takes 'Fish' resource and sorts and cleans to produce: Bass, Bream, Carp, Cod, Eel, Mullet, Perch, Pike, Salmon, Tench, Trout.
        Jetty Firewood Splitter - 2x2, employs 1 woodcutter.
        Drawbridge, 4x1 upgrade - stone/completed planks variant.
        Drawbridge, 6x1.
        Village Bridges: 6x1, 6x2 + 1x1 & 1x2 extension pieces + diagonal variants (BETA).
        Added other selected diagonal Jetty & bridge components (BETA).
        Jetty Fruit & Veg Market Wagon, 2x2, (1000weight), 1-2 vendors.
        Jetty Fishing, 3x3 fishing spot for 1-2 fisherman.
        Added Jetty well for fire fighting
        Jetty Cnr, added alternative plank direction F-key variant.
        Jetty 1x1 alternate 'mitre-joint' piece.
        Jetty Merchants added: General Trader / Food Trader.
        Jetty Storage options added: 1x1 (200weight), 1x1 walkable (100weight), 2x2 (800weight), 2x3 (1200weight).
        Changed Jetty menu layout: from Jetty menu, select a texture style.
                     - Wooden Jetty Bridges are now in their own menu within the chosen texture menu.
                     - Village Stone Bridge is available from same menu line as jetty textures.
        Changed build costs of all Jetty pieces (lower price compared to v1.1).
        Changed build cost of Blacksmith (lowered iron cost).
        Changed production of Mead to require 60 honey (up from 30) to align with DSPickAndHen/CC/NMT.
        Changed production qauntity of Mulled Mead to 2/3 (up from 1) to align with DSPickAndHen.
        Increased building size of Village Chapel, now 5x8.
        Increased building size of Village Blacksmith, now 5x5.
        Increased Village Cemetery max size to 30x30 (up from 20x20).
        Increased work required to produce at bee shelters.
        Fixed issue with Bee Shelter not displaying 3rd build model.
        Fixes and Changes to string texts.
        Fixes and Changes to sprite menu images.

you can download it from the nexus mods website if you’d like to try it.
nexusmods.com-DS Small Village pre-v2beta9 you will need to be logged in to download, sorry.

Place at TOP of mod list. why? because it has new start conditions, new map types, and also new climates. Also the reported traders not visiting hasn’t occurred to me when I tested this placed above the latest MegaMod release in mod list.
Requires New game, it is not compatible at all to previous versions.


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  1. taniu says:

    I have a big request. I play “DSSmall Village -pre v2″ +” The North’ + Small Town Row houses beige CC, MegaMod.
    Please mods seeds berries – are berries in the woods, but very few .
    I’m not a moderator. Mr. execution created mods Crops: Imperator Carrots, Brussels Sprouts
    Will you help me, or add to “DSSmall Village ?I have a small idea – add cranberries and a small butcher?
    It is missing in this set and it would be cool to have something like this.
    proposal butcher products:
    1.products from such animals.:kidneys ,-tongue, liver heart ,chicken breast and legs ,beefsteak, pork/beef/veal/lamb neck ,ribs
    2. sausages;ham, loin, pâté ,liver pate, salami ,tatar ,black pudding, gammon, thin sausages, hunter sausage
    I love this mod – play it with all the extras. I am very glad that Mr. always adds something new. Thank you

    • Discrepancy says:

      🙂 great ideas.

      I haven’t implemented them yet. But you will see a couple of Butchers in DSSV, they will make select cuts as well as specialty products.

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