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DS Industry Mining BETAv.05 update

In this new update to DS Industry Mining, I have introduced Tin Ore onto the map, Bronze Bloomery Smelters and Bronze Tools make it a more attractive early game tool until you get your iron mines and smelters operating.

Once again there have been numerous changes in production and the economy, see change log for all the details. Overall it will be a harder experience for some players than the last version.

There is also the new additions of a single Wood Chopper for firewood, a Placer Mine for Tin Ore and Gold mining along waterways. Also a Tinsmith to make Tinware which, along with Pottery or Glassware is now required for the production of all the oils.

I’ve added 5 new start conditions giving different challenges, and some a jump-start into the industries. Two more monuments to give Spiritual and Safety happiness to your citizens.

Change Log: DSIndustryMining.pkm

download from or the forums: Nexus Mods World of Banished

DS Log Homes

I’ve uploaded a new mod, just a simple 5×4 home for 4 occupants. It has an upgrade option that uses Lime in the construction for added warmth and 5 occupants.

Change Log: DSLogHomes.pkm

download from or the forums: Nexus Mods World of Banished

DS Industry Mining BETAv.04 update

A new update to DS Industry Mining.

BETAv.04 sees large changes in the economy, a few small fixes and other tweaks. Smelting is now a lot more profitable, same as tool manufacturing. Most introduced production chains have had changes in their value, create and inputs, see change log for all the details.

The charcoal piles and the bloomery smelters have been altered to match their production changes. This included the renaming/deleting/adding of different files so is not save-game compatible.

Citizens will now use 105% of the fuel they would normally use in standard banished, this, with the increase in cost to make charcoal or firewood will require you to put a lot more resources into this production than you would have previously.

There is also an increased penalty to work without a tool. And with the high construction costs of many of the industry buildings, charcoal piles and bloomery smelters, it is important to start your production of tools as soon as possible.

The Clarence Silver Mine was not correctly operating in the last update. A fix has been put in place and this has required the removal of the chance to extract Gold from the mine. The introduction of more Gold production will be in the next update.

Change Log: DSIndustryMining.pkm

download from or the forums: Nexus Mods World of Banished

DS Timber Mill v2.2 update

Another improvement update. This one also has some changes that will work better with the current and next beta of DS Industry Mining.

I added an upgrade option to the Timber Mill: the into-the-future acquisition of circular saw blade technology now means the mill can be upgraded for faster production, this will have a cost of a complete rebuild with Timber, Iron Fittings and Steel Tools used in the construction. Iron Fittings will need to be traded for, or play with another mod that can produce them.

Change Log: DSTimberMill.pkm / DSLumberMill.pkm

download from or the forums: Nexus Mods World of Banished

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